21st oktober 2015

A colourful interview with Sebastian Pole

Sebastian Pole, Pukka’s co-founder and Master Herbsmith, gives an exclusive interview to Pukka Planet about the colorful world of herbs and how they can help our wellbeing particularly in chillier winter months.

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18th juni 2015

Why we’re big on Big Green Week

Taking place from 6th to 21s June 2015, Big Green Week is a celebration of the great things Bristol (European Green Capital 2015) is doing to make the city happier and healthier for everyone. This year Pukka decided get involved in big way.

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2nd februari 2015

Sleep with Pukka

This month we look at sleep and ways in which incredible organic herbs can help get a good night’s rest.

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10th januari 2015

Start afresh this January

Starting on your own journey of discovery, whether you want to detox or rejuvenate, the new year brings in a new you.

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